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I offer a professional commission painting service, for all Games Workshop / Forgeworld miniatures, as-well as fantasy/wargaming miniatures produced by other companies. I have been painting miniatures full time for many years, both as a hobby and as way to earn a small income, by selling painted miniatures to friends and gamers alike. I paint because it's something I love to do. My work has been featured in White Dwarf, I have also won multiple Games Workshop painting competitions, and my miniatures are regularly on display in Games Workshop window displays.
Droid Painting Studio is a professional Warhammer, Games Workshop, etc painting service. I will build your models and miniatures to a loadout of your choice, magnetizing if needed. Whether you need a single Primaris Marine, an entire Tyranid army, or complete retail games Droid Painting Studio has you covered. Custom / bespoke paint jobs are my speciality, Miniatures can be painted to match the box art using standard Citadel colours. Advantages of choosing a Pro Painted service, you can have an army that is truly unique and will look amazing on the table top battlefield. Blood Angels, Astra Militarum, Necrons, and many more! Pro painted scenery is also available - Malign Portents, Necromunda, Battlefield, and more. Basing is also fully customised. You can choose precisely which type of grass, gravel, tufts, slate chips, etc. So whether you need One Librarian Terminator, an entire Fleet of Kharadron Overlords, Great Unclean One, Primaris Dreadnought, Goblin booster pack, or a squad of Stormcast Eternals, everything is covered.

Hammer Commander painted model

Blue Space Marine model painted

How the ordering process works

In the first instance, please use the contact form and give as much info as possible. Including your budget, colour schemes, special requirements etc. I will then contact you and begin a discussion about what can be achieved within your budget. I will work with you to make sure we can achieve exactly what you need. Once we reach an agreement, I will then send you an email regarding payment options. I am also happy to paint miniatures that you already own, but I ask they be free from any paint and ideally not yet assembled. Custom builds are also available. Unique, one off models that are made using parts from many different kits. A diorama service is also available. As-well as scenery, unique bases, objective markers etc. Regarding colour schemes; By default I paint all miniatures to look the same as the box, but you can of course choose any colour scheme you like! This is just one of the advantages of ordering custom painted miniatures - you can have a truly unique design that nobody else has.

How pricing is worked out; My prices are much lower than other commission painters. This is because, quite simply, I don't believe in overcharging. People who buy pre-painted miniatures do so for many reasons. Most of my customers don't have the time to paint an army themselves, but still enjoy playing tabletop games. Other people may buy miniatures as gifts for friends, partners etc, and some people just want their miniatures to look as good as possible. Whatever your reason for buying, you can rest assured that Droid Painting Studio will always charge a fair price. Prices are based on a number of factors. Some miniatures have far more detail than others, or take longer to build and prepare. For those miniatures I would charge slightly more than models that are less complex. Essentially, you are paying for my time. I paint for around 8 hours per day, 6 days a week.

I currently offer two levels of painting.

Table Standard Services

This is the basic version of the service. Miniatures at this level will be painted with base colours and will have some shading. If you are looking for something that will look perfectly fine on a gaming table, this option is for you. Think of this level as one up from bare plastic.

Pro Standard Services

This is the top tier level. Miniatures painted at this level will be painted to a very high standard, using techniques such as layering, glazing, edge highlights, special effects (where appropriate), fine detail work, freehand banners, weathering (if desired), and many more techniques that would fill this page if I were to list them all. Miniatures at this level will look better than anything you see in a Games Workshop window display.

Magnetizing Services;

Almost all models can be magnetized in some way. This is a time consuming process however and there is an extra charge for this.


There is no extra charge for applying transfers, but please tell me if you would like them applied. Some people like them, some don't.

Please note: this is a commission service.

Everything is custom painted specifically for each customer - your order will take time to complete. Completion times will vary depending on both the complexity/size of your order and how many orders are currently on the waiting list. Payment, secures your place in the queue. Once payment has been received, you will be entered into a booking system and you will be notified when your order reaches the top of the list. At this point, you will be able to follow live progress via a dedicated Twitter feed (daily updates). Please do not order if you are not prepared to wait. Quality paintwork takes time. Some jobs take a few days, others may take weeks or months - depending on size and current status of the waiting list. Please message me for current waiting list times. All payments are handled via PayPal invoice.

If you have any special requirements just ask! Lastly, if you have ordered from me in the past, please message me to indicate as such - repeat customers receive discounts.

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